How long has PlanetLink been in existence?

PlanetLink was founded in 1995. Our founder Steve Lillo has worked in the computer and electronics industries since 1979 and has applied his expertise in technology, marketing and computer graphics to his work with PlanetLink.

What services does PlanetLink provide?

PlanetLink provides website design, Internet consulting, search engine optimization and submission, site hosting and our comprehensive Web Doctor Service. For more information on our services, go to the PlanetLink services section.

How much does it cost to create a website?

The cost for a website can vary greatly, depending on what your needs are and who you ask. For a more in-depth look at the question, check out this blog article.

Are your servers reliable and secure?

PlanetLink servers are housed in a state-of-the-art server facility with restricted access, 24/7 monitoring and redundant backup systems. Our secure server uses a Thawte secure server certificate to authenticate and encrypt secure data.

Can you make our existing website more effective?

Yes, PlanetLink’s Web Doctor Service is available to analyze your existing website and make recommendations for improvement. You receive a written report and a 1/2 hour consultation. PlanetLink can also make additions, corrections and revisions to your site, add structures to make it easy for you to add and update information, or prepare your site so that it works more effectively with the search engines.

How is PlanetLink different from other website design firms?

PlanetLink’s goal is to make your website as effective as possible. Our philosophy of website design is that there are three main areas or disciplines that are required to create an effective site.

1. Technical – The correct and appropriate use of technology for a project is important. Your project needs to reach, and be effective for your target market. Using the latest wiz-bang doohicky may be impressive, but isn’t always necessary.

2. Art & Creative – Your site needs to reflect your business as accurately as possible. The visual presentation, images and colors, as well as the text that makes up your website need to be consistent with the current presentation of your business. PlanetLink can use your existing images and artwork or develop an entirely new presentation depending on your needs and budget.

3. Marketing – It’s important that your project be developed from the perspective of and need for reaching your target audience as effectively as possible. Your site should be designed taking into consideration who your market is, what are their needs and expectations, and what is the most effective way to present your business to that market. It’s also important that your site be designed to make effective use of the search engines.

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