Once we know what we want to achieve with your website, the next step is to define the scope of your project. We'll explore how to best achieve your intended results.

The look and feel issues, content type, format and volume, audience needs and expectations, database and ecommerce needs, interactive needs for visitors and for site management, and promotional plan are all important components that need to be specified.

We'll look at the issues from three distinct perspectives: artistic/creative, marketing, and technical. At PlanetLink, we feel that a successful Internet project incorporates each of these separate and interacting disciplines in an integrative and holistic approach.

We also look at your budget and project timeline to determine the stages of progression for your project.

At PlanetLink, we have a knack for seeing your business in a way that allows us to effectively communicate who you are to your internet audience. We may surprise you with new and creative ways to utilize the Internet in your business to reduce costs and increase revenue.

Our skills in assisting you in defining your project are available as part of a larger package including the design of your project, or by the hour. A portion of this fee can often be credited towards website design.