It's important that your site accurately reflect what your business is communicating. The colors, shapes, level of design, type and number of images as well as what the images communicate to your site visitor are vitally important. It's also important to take your visitors into consideration.

As a generalization the more imagery on a page, the longer it will take to load. We always want to keep the download time to a minimum to make your site more accessible. Your audience's needs and expectations, as well as how your business will present itself and your budget, will often dictate the level of artistic/creative design required for your project.

The creative process also considers the layout and navigation of your site. It's important that visitors be able to quickly and easily find the information that they want to find on your site. A clear, organized and intuitive site structure is vital.

PlanetLink can provide a wide range of image design services to meet the needs of your project. We can provide a simple look for tight budgets, emulate your existing look and feel, provide a complete image makeover including logo design and print material creation, or anything in between. We can also work with your existing graphic designer to meet your graphics needs.