We work with businesses that want to have an Internet game plan and a website that works. If you're not successful, we're not successful.

PlanetLink is a mature and well-rounded website design firm. Since 1995 we have been working with our clients to create and maintain their websites Each project is created specifically to the needs of each client from three perspectives:
1. Marketing (intention, fulfillment, needs),
2. Technology (what technologies are required to achieve the desired results), and
3. Design (what should the site look like, how should the business be presented visually and what are the expectations of the visitors).

These three disciplines are important in creating a website that gets results.

Once the project specification is complete, PlanetLink provides an outline of all costs and a breakdown of the project phases and their time frames. Unless there are changes made during the development of the project that impact the time required for completion, our project costs generally don't change from our original estimates. With regards to time frame for completion, as long as PlanetLink is provided with source materials as required, our completion is usually within the time frame specified.

We approach each project starting with these three questions:
1. What is the purpose for the website and what results do we want the website to achieve?
2. What are the needs of the business?
4. How can we most effectively achieve our desired results?

Our first step in the process is to understand the project: Who is the market, what is the purpose and intention for the site, what results to we want to achieve, what are the needs and expectations of the visitors, and what problem is the project/website a solution for? Once we have an understanding of the project, we'll often have additional ideas - sometimes building on an original idea, expanding the functionality of a section or area of the site or possibly coming up with a completely new idea. Sometimes even making it simpler or more cost effective. (When have you heard of a technology company making something simpler?)

Each of our projects is designed specifically for the needs of our clients. We generally create several different mockups for what the site will look like. It's usually a two or three step process to determine the final look for the site.

After we've created a functional specification for the project with our client, we determine the technology required to create the project. We also define the navigation and structure of the site as well as the graphics and design skills required. We'll then be able to document the specifics for the project and determine what will be required to implement the project - time, materials, and cost.

PlanetLink can provide cost effective technology solutions for most projects, from a simple site to an interactive database driven site with e-commerce and real-time credit card transaction processing, content management, workgroup and community functionality, audio and video.

Effective interaction with your customers and clients is vitally important to the success of your project - as well as the success of your business. Your website has the potential to enhance and expand the potential of your client relationships. Referring back to our approach, ask yourself these questions: who are our clients, how do we serve them and what role does our website provide in those relationships? Does your website provide the ability for your customers and clients to provide information? Is your site interactive? Why are visitors coming to your website, and more importantly, are their needs being fulfilled?

What do you know about your visitors - and while we're on the topic, your customers and clients? How are visitors finding your website? What is the process of turning a visitor into a customer or client - and is it effective?

PlanetLink works to assist you in managing the process of developing effective client relationships. Also keep in mind that a website is really never "finished" - in the sense that a brochure is completed after it's sent to the printer. A website can always be more effective - using modifications and changes to enhance results. We can also support you in tracking and statistics so you have a way to measure effectiveness.

If there were no results, what would the purpose be? Our intention is to support our clients to achieve their desired results - effectively and efficiently.

What's the bottom line? Our clients say it best:

"PlanetLink helped us get our book on the Amazon.com best seller list."
- Jill Lublin, Author Guerrilla Publicity

"After PlanetLink redesigned our website, our business increased dramatically. Our visitors and clients are always commenting on how easy our website is to use."
- Peggy Knight, Peggy Knight Solutions

"PlanetLink created an interactive website system for us - sharing content and function to create three websites for the cost of two. As a result of the website, I'm booked three months in advance and our dollar volume has tripled."
- Charlotte Howell, Charlottes Products




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